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Residential Steel Garage Doors Specs


Sturdy and Designed to Last
As you compare steel doors, start by examining the thickness of the steel and the process used to finish it.

Strong Steel Construction of Garage Doors(1) Strong steel construction: Steel comes in varying strengths - the stronger the steel, the more dent-resistant it is. As you compare doors, ask about the gauge of the steel. The lower the gauge number, the stronger the steel. For example, a 24 gauge door is stronger and more dent-resistant than a 26 gauge door. Many companies use the term "nominal" when referring to gauge, i.e. "Nominal 24 gauge." This means that the gauge is almost 24 gauge but is actually 25 gauge. All doors are constructed of "True Gauge" steel and are never of nominal gauge.

(2) Galvanization: To help keep steel from rusting over time, it must be galvanized. There are two types of commonly used galvanization processes: Hot-dip Galvanization and Electro-Galvanization. The steel used in all doors is hot-dip galvanized - a process that completely coats the steel to prevent rusting. Electro-galvanization is similar to spray painting and can leave areas with a thin coverage of galvanization or completely untreated.

(3) & (4) Two-Step Paint System: doors feature a 2-step paint system that features a primer coat and a tough polyester topcoat that needs no painting after installation. The total paint thickness is 1 mil. and is guaranteed to look beautiful for years. A variety of paint colors is available depending on the model you select. Should you want to paint your door a different color, our topcoat is a perfect surface for repainting.

Built to Deliver Superior Performance
Pinch Resistant JointsPinch Reistant Garage Door JointsThe horizontal sections that make up a garage door can be joined together in a number of different ways. The most common are tongue and groove joints and ship-lap joints. All steel doors feature state of the art pinch resistant, tongue and groove joints which help prevent hand and finger injuries and provide superior protection from the elements by sealing the gaps between the sections more tightly than ship-lap joints. Tongue and groove joints also offer more stability and wind resistance, making the door stronger through the years.

Insulated vs. Non-insulated Doors
Now that you understand the standard construction features of an door, we can examine the advantages of insulated and non-insulated doors. Each has its particular purpose and is suited to fill specific needs.

Non-insulated doors, are open-back doors. This means they consist of a steel exterior with no interior backing. Optional insulation can be added to these products. These doors are best suited for garages in comfortable climates or where temperature fluctuation is not a concern.

Insulated doors use a "sandwich construction" process. This means that the insulation is sandwiched between a strong interior and exterior layer of steel which provides R-value to your garage - the higher the R-value, the more energy efficient the door. These doors help to control garage climate and can potentially make a difference in your utility bills by providing a barrier between outdoor temperatures and your living area.

Carriage house doors is constructed from an open-back commercial steel door that has been insulated with CFC-free polystyrene and then covered with a layer of luan siding.

(1) The insulation in all insulated doors is CFC and HCFC-free polystyrene that is environmentally friendly and won't degrade over time as polyurethane can. The insulation is bonded to the interior and exterior layers of steel with a super-strong urethane adhesive and receives our guarantee that it will stay in place.

Adding to the R-value of doors is our industry-unique double-thermal break. The first thermal break is the (2) PRO-Bond, a rubber seal that separates the inner and outer steel layers from each other, assuring that exterior temperatures are not transferred to the interior layer of steel. The second thermal break is the (3) Wear Seal, a protective seal that makes the sections fit snugly together, reducing drafts and everyday wear and tear between the sections.

Some companies produce an insulated door with a greatly reduced gauge of steel and then spray in a thin layer of insulation on the back of the door. Because of the thin steel, these doors are easily dented, with the main source of strength in these doors coming from the foam. These doors feature inferior construction that is not comparable in quality to a sandwich construction door.

Unmatched Beauty
Deeply Sculpted Panels: Created to closely resemble wood and add elegance to your home, the raised panel is aesthetically in a class by itself when compared to other raised panels. Both long, short and flush panel styles are available in many of our models to give you a look that fits your home's particular style.

Panel Options: A variety of panel options make it possible for you to select the door style that best suits your taste. All are available in short and long panel and flush styles.

Steel Garage Door Panels

Panel spacing varies depending upon door size.

Size Selection:
All garage doors are available in a variety of standard and custom sizes to fit your garage. Click here to view our chart, which shows the size availability of products in our residential and commercial lines.

Garage Door Hardware and SpringsHardware and Springs
These doors are equipped with top-quality hardware to ensure smooth operation of your garage door, with minimal lubrication. All hardware is galvanized to resist rust and provide years of low-maintenance operation.

When you select your door, you have a choice of two types of springing systems. Extension springs are typically installed above the horizontal track on both sides of the door. All extension springs include safety cables that restrain the spring in the event of breakage. Torsion springs are usually installed above the door and provide safer and quieter operation than extension springs. Both are available through your dealer.

Garage Door Bottom BracketBottom Bracket
New Tamper Resistant Bottom Bracket helps prevent accidents, yet allows for roller maintenance/change without disassembly. Full length roller tube prevents slip outs.

Garage Door SectionsDoor Sections
The section joint of the future is available today. New section profile assures pinch resistance both inside and outside, exceeding industry standards – neither fingers nor weather gets in.

Garage Door HingesCenter Hinges
Flush mount inboard design center hinges provide pinch resistant protection and a low profile clean look on the inside of the door.

Garage Door End HingesEnd Hinges
With most of its action hidden inside the door, our re-engineered end hinges leave no room for even the smallest fingers.




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